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Machinigirlzzzz – Press review

Exhibition at the Vasarely Fondation for the 10th Gamerz festival La Provence 26/09 La Provence 4/10 Libération Libération Next Les Inrocks lab Go Met FanzYo MCD Poptronics La…

Machiniglitch, curator Isabelle Arvers

Machiniglitch, Toronto

[↗] Vector Art + Game Festival, Toronto, 2014. Machinima program curated by Isabelle Arvers

Machiniglitch: a machinima exhibit on glitches, bugs and accidents!

The word « glitch » first appeared in spaceship programmes in the USA in 1962. A computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing…

Interview sur Machiniglitch, Gamerz 9

[↗] Video Dailymotion

Machiniglitch, ARCADE, Festival Gamerz 9, October 2013

English version Le mot glitch est apparu en 1962 pour décrire une erreur ou un dysfonctionnement dans le cadre d’un programme spatial aux Etats-Unis. Le terme s’est ensuite…

Gamerz 8

Art is game in Aix en Provence, 2012

[↗] read on ISSUU – MCD #67, Le Guide des festivals numériques 2012-2013, FR + ENG

Gamerz dérègle le jeu dans les règles de l’art

[↗] Article de Matthieu Recarte pour Poptronics sur le festival Gamerz 8

I is an other - Isabelle Arvers

“I is an other”, machinima at Gamerz 08

To present the machinima show curated for the 8th edition of the festival Gamerz in Aix-en-Provence 19 28 oct. 2012 More than an aesthetic, games and machinima made…

Call for works indie games / machinima / emotional mapping / geolocalization / digital urban devices

For the next edition of the Festival Gamerz, I am looking for machinima and indie games I am currently curating a show “On the other side of the…

Gamerz presents the IGF Pirate Kart! an indie game show in an art gallery

Art school of Aix en Provence, 21 nov. 2011 On the 21st nov. at the Art School of Aix-enProvence, Gamerz invites the audience to play to the Pirate…

When machinima talk about video games and when games reflect reality

Gamerz Festival #7 – ARCADE, Aix-en-Provence, November 2011 Machinima program, curated by Isabelle Arvers A selection of films made from video game engines or from a Game Boy…

Game scenes interview

You have been involved as a co-curator in the festival Gamerz at Aix en Provence. Can you tell me some about the festival, its concept and your part…

Interlude romantique, Frédéric Nakache

Machinimas at the GAMERZ festival – interview by Regine Debatty

Interview for www.we-make-money-not-art.com Machinimas at the GAMERZ festival Frédéric Nakache, Interlude romantique, 2007 By now you have probably realized that i keep going back and forth between the…

Gamerz Festival #5

Co-curator for the international artworks Back from Brasil this summer, I wanted to invite in Gamerz05 some of the artists I really enjoyed while staying in Sao Paulo….

Gamerz Festival #4

Aix en Provence, january 2009 Co-curator of international artworks What is going on when video games turn to be a medium that allowed artists to create? When artists…