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Mashup catalogue

Machinima: a selection, 2016

[↗] Catalogue de l’exposition MASH UP à la Vancouver Art Gallery (PDF)

Machinimas, une sélection par Isabelle Arvers, 2015

[↗] Un texte initialement écrit pour la Vancouver Art Gallery et publié sur l’encyclopédie du MashUp par Julien Lahmi,

Mind Control, Lack of Entertainment creates monsters, Interaction.

Curatorial text for BANANA RAM – Ancona, Italy, 6/11 july 2004 section curated by Isabelle Arvers on More informations about the exhibition Interviews of the artists…

No Fun, Games and the gaming experience, Piksel free and opesnsource software festival

Hordaland Kunstener, Bergen, Norway, 16 – 23 octobre 2005 An exhibition co-curated with Gisle Froysland No Fun! games and the gaming experience If you ask a hard core…

Once upon a time, there was Game Time.

Curatorial text written for the exhibit Reactivate, (EN), Melbourne, Australia, october 2004 More than 40 years after the first computer game creation by hackers at the MIT, the…

reActivate! Game Time 1st oct/15 nov 2004 Melbourne

∏Play is not something that gives pleasure, on the contrary, it expresses a shift in reality, an unaccustomed mobility∑ Paul Verillio In an art world characterized by new…