Art school of Aix en Provence, 21 nov. 2011

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On the 21st nov. at the Art School of Aix-enProvence, Gamerz invites the audience to play to the Pirate Kart : a compilation of 300 games created at the last minute to participate to the competition of the next Independent Games Festival in 2012 which awarded among others : Limbo or Minecraft, very popular and famous independent games.

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Isabelle Arvers will present and allow the public to discover 300 games created by 100 developers: an indie games presentation and experimentation inside a game art festival intended to show the mind blinded evolution of game creation in the indie games scene, and to show the diversity and the originality of these games, quite different from the AAA games but which need to be considered as well.

Hero's adventure by Terry Cavanagh

This compilation was made possible by a game developer in Florida: Mike Meyer and to quote his reference to the Scratchware manifesto:”It is time for revolution. Walk into your local bookstore; you’ll find tens of thousands of titles. Walk into your local record store; you’ll find thousands of albums. Walk into your local software store; you’ll find perhaps 40 games. Yet thousands of games are released each year.”

Relax Bike a game by Mike Meyer

Relax Bike a game by Mike Meyer


Wikipedia defines a scratchware as “If a game has original content, offers great gameplay and replayability, has a professional look, is bug free, costs $25 or less for the complete program, and was made by three people or less, it is scratchware.”

We need to show these games and give an alternative to the traditional places of games diffusion. We need to give exposure and to promote these games, because they also represent the state of the art of today games production.

Please come and join us to play these games and find what is your favorite one!!

To download the Pirate Kart compilation, follow this link