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flyer guy gi centre yennenga

Guy Gi

Guy Gi une exposition co-conçue par alt-del et Fama Ndiaye pour le Centre Yennenga, Dakar A l’occasion du @Partcours #11, le Centre Yennenga et AltDel vous invitent à…

Painting at the river in Guadeloupe, summer 2021

Painting the river at the river on a big rock

Isabelle arvers paints on coco trees at the slave steps in petit canal Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe paintings at the Slave steps in Petit Canal, summer 2021

Painting at the Slave steps where the banian tree took over the space and the former detention camp

Sinai paintings, Egypt, 2021

Welcome to my world of colours and constellations of dots and lines inspired by the very special vibes of Sinai mountains and the Red Sea. As a new…

Lomé paintings, Togo, 2020

I was in Ghana for my Art & Games World Tour, interviewing artists, curators and game makers, when the borders started to close in March 2020. I was supposed…

Djé Aye, Art to Raise Awareness about Covid 19 on murals in Lomé, Togo

The project “Djé-Ayé, Art to Raise Awareness” was conceived during the month of April 2020 in response to the crisis of COVID 19 in order to prevent the…

Painting my first murals in Lomé March 2020

While I was in Lomé, LGC graffiti collective got invited by Ras Sankara to paint murals for a non profit social and cultural organisation AVST. I join forces…