Conference/performance on the antiAtlas of borders at Le Lab, Google Cultural Institute, Paris

Decalab invites me to present a conference/performance on the antiAtlas of borders at the Lab of the cultural institute of Google in Paris.

Performance Isabelle Arvers -lab-culturalinstitute


I will end the art and science performative conference after the talk of Roger Malina, astrophysician and founder of the Texas University of  Dallas ArtSciLab  and Andrew Blanton, artist composer, Tommaso Venturini, from the MediaLab of Sciences Po.

I will play with all the interactive, online and video content of the antiatlas of borders exhibition, on and offline, showing interactive cartography, maps and projects related to the mutations of the borders on the 21st century.

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Margaret Minsky’s performance/lecture on haptics at Centre for Digital Media

The Centre for Digital Media based in Vancouver is definitively an amazing place with amazing people, the pedagogy of the Master is absolutely great and has so much to do with the playbook Gamestorming. During two years, all the team did an amazing job on the exhibit Evolution of gaming and they are now also hosting a workshop and a symposium with Ken Perlin from the NUY Media Research Lab.

Following the tradition of the Banff Center which used to host eminent people for a certain amount of time to let them time to meet and think, the CDM host Ken Perlin, Alan Kay, Athomas Goldberg, Bret Victor, ”One of the 4 or 5 greatest user interface design minds in the world today” — Alan Kay, Chaim Gingold, known as one of the conceptor of the videogame Spore, Hiroshi Ishii Director of the MIT Interactive Media Lab and Margaret Minsky formerly member of the Atari Research Lab as well as the MIT media lab. They will be presenting the results of an intensive 3-day workshop in which they create visions of the future of augmented reality and human communication.

Margaret Minsky performance

As an introduction to this workshop/symposium, I was more than happy to attend yesterday a lecture/performance given by Margaret Minsky about her work on haptics. She gave her lecture on a trapeze inside the Centre for Digital Media in a perfect setting with the sunset behind her. In circus, that position is known as “sleeping beauty”. I was really amazed to listen to her presentation while looking at her. I can’t wait to attend this symposium!

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EVOLUTION of gaming a retrogaming exhibition at CDM in Vancouver

Photos by Dan Flemming

I was invited by the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver with the help of the French Cultural Institute to co-curate a retrogaming exhibition untitled Evolution of Gaming with Malcolm Levy, artist and curator, and Kimberly Voll, game designer and Professor at the CDM.

Here is a timelapse of 15 days of the exhibition, created by Josh Miller, the System manager of CDM!


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The Art of Bordering, MAXXI, Rome, 24 – 26 October 2014

MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts

The Art of Bordering: Economies, Performances and Technologies of Migration Control
Watch the Med

The Art of Bordering is an art-science event merging an academic conference and an exhibition in order to discuss the material and symbolic construction of the Mediterranean as a border zone, the governance and politicization of migration control, the strategies of adaptation, contestation and subversion of “Fortress Europe” developed by migrants and European citizens.

During three days, Italian, French, German, and British academics, journalists and artists debate how new technologies, geopolitical conflicts and socio-economic inequalities have transformed both migration flows and the material, political and symbolic dimensions of borders in the 21st

The Art of Bordering will compare the different and overlapping ways in which art, technology and the social sciences address contemporary bordering dynamics. This strategic comparison aims to highlight the different and interrelated ways in which borders have become strategic places for the performance and observation of the symbolic representations, political agencies and governmental techniques at work in contemporary neoliberal societies.

By enabling discussions between academics, artists and the public, this conference/exhibition will facilitate the exchange between the different approaches, tools and devices through which border processes may be represented, deciphered and deconstructed. The debates, links, quotations, transfers and exemplifications, will also help problematizing the boundaries existing between these fields of knowledge and practice.


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“Maps of the SECESSION” : politics and poetics of forms for the 21st century

A month-long exhibition at the Institut Français in Berlin in partnership with the antiAtlas of borders


Since January 2014, the European Society of Authors (Paris / Berlin) and Mittel-Europa (art space for a migrant Europe : Bruxelles / Berlin) have been working on a new program called SECESSION.

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UKI – Enter the BioNet

We are infected
We are the Virus
We enter in the Bionet

UKI game

The Imaginarium, in partnership with Pictanovo presents
UKI – Enter the Bionet by Shulea Cheang on a curatorship by Isabelle Arvers

Your heartbeat, your blood flow, your emotion, your actions are your assets to join the UKI game. The internet as we know it has crashed. The Genom Corp. takes human body hostage to initiate BioNet, a network made up of microcomputing red blood cells (erythrocytes) initiated to re-condition our sexual desires. Only you and your fellow gamers can stop Genom from stealing our orgasm data.

Sign on as UKI virus. Infiltrate and Sabotage. Hack and Play.

Date: 14:00 – 17:-00, June 7, 2014
Location: L’Imaginarium, Tourcoing

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Formation jeu vidéo et bibliothèque au Carré d’art

En 2015, le Carré d’art à Nîmes ouvrira un espace dédié aux jeux vidéo. C’est dans ce cadre que j’ai été conviée par Jean Pascal Marron, responsable du numérique pour la Ville à rencontrer puis à accompagner Carré d’art dans cette aventure. En 2013, Carré d’art a accueilli l’exposition Arcade, ainsi qu’une exposition didactique sur l’histoire des jeux vidéo. En 2014, nous avons décidé de commencer par un plan de formation, suivi de réunions de préparation en interne, puis avec le public, afin d’imaginer ensemble l’événement dédié aux jeux vidéo à venir en décembre prochain, ainsi que des animations liées à cet événement. L’objectif étant d’impliquer dès le début de l’aventure les personnes qui le désirent en interne, mais aussi d’en discuter avec le public du Carré d’art et d’être à l’écoute de leurs attentes. Ceci afin de préparer au mieux l’ouverture prochaine de cet espace, situé au cœur de la bibliothèque/médiathèque, proche de l’espace bandes dessinées et séries.


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In may : launch of Kareron & participation to Stunfest Mapping festivals

Some news for the following month! First, I am launching a new structure: Kareron. It is a non profit organization that aims to promote, diffuse and produce artworks in the field of games and media art, as well as past and upcoming exhibitions. It also aims to diffuse and hosts a lot of machinima workshops and exhibitions.

Here is the link to the presentation of the machinima workshop (version française ici)

From 2 to 5 may, I’ll be in Rennes for the first time of my life to participate to a round table with Margherita Balzerani about Interactive art during the Stunfest festival, it is great as it will be a good occasion to see many people who are dealing with art, games, indie games, history of games, etc… The full program can be found here.

Stunfest 2014 Logo

Some weeks later, I’ll participate to an other round table with Dub Mood and Nicolas Nova about mods, machinima and 8bit music, at la HEAD on the 27th of May during the Mapping festival. I love this festival, because it pushes the possibilities of VJing and how it is displayed in front of an audiance.


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Machinima workshop on borders and immigration

Next week, I will host a machinima workshop with the egyptian artist Ahmed El Shaer at la compagnie, in the frame of the exhibition the antiAtlas of borders #2. This workshop will be conducted with teenagers from the streets and in partnership with non profit organizations who work with la compagnie on social and cultural action.

Sadat by Ahmed El Shaer

Sadat by Ahmed El Shaer

I am really glad to co-host this machinima workshop with Ahmed, as he is one of the few who host machinima workshops in the world! It will be the first time we meet since I showed “Under examination” inside the machinima exhibition I curated for Gamerz about Identity and otherness. It is also great because, we will do this workshop inside the exhibition of the antiAtlas, an other way to work on an experimental way on the themes of the antiAtlas: immigration, border crossing, border economy, border representations; while irecting movies with games to deal with these issues…

Really looking forward to it!

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Machiniglitch, contemporary art and machinima

This year, Canada becomes my favorite destination as I will be in Vancouver next summer to curate the retro and indie games show Evolution with Malcolm Levy and Kim Voll.

Before it, I am more than delighted to fly to Toronto to attend the Vector Festival which is one of the very few events in the world dedicated to art and games.

Machiniglitch curated by Isabelle Arvers


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