Welcome to my world of colours and constellations of dots and lines inspired by the very special vibes of Sinai mountains and the Red Sea.

As a new PHD researcher on “Art and games decolonisation”at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisboa, I  decided to move to Dahab in Egypt for the winter to focus on writing  my 3 papers.

Being in Sinai, facing the red sea and the desert mountains, I did a series of large scale in situ paintings, painting on rocks, in front of the sea or in valleys.



Painting in Abu Galum, a bedouin camp in Sinai, between desert mountains and the red sea in Egypt and, transforming the beach and the rocks into open air studios inviting new friends to paint with me or make music! a nomadic and ephemeral residency.



 I joined Shaima and her bedouin friends to El Okda and after a night under the stars, I met Hassan and we shared a bedouin bread and coffee and just after the rising sun, we decided to make an installation of my paintings on rocks and trees and “co-curated” with Hassan a very ephemeral and super private exhibit. It was a wonderful moment knowing we couldn’t understand each other as I don’t speak arabic.


Painting with Shaima, my Abu Galum friend.. Painting with Saki Wakita playing ngoni.. Painting in El Okda, a wadi (valley) that has one of the oldest wells in Sinai… Painting with Radi, our bedouin friend and Shaima… Painting on the top of Fox bedouin camp, Sainte Catherine, behind Mount Sinai…