I was in Ghana for my Art & Games World Tour, interviewing artists, curators and game makers, when the borders started to close in March 2020. I was supposed to fly to Kenya from Accra… but instead, I passed the border by the road and spent 5 months in Togo. In Lomé I was staying at Trez art studio and besides creating a garden from scratch, I started to paint large scale canvas. I learnt how to mount and prepare a canvas… and started to make big paintings…



I have been doing watercolor for the last 20 years and mostly on little scale papers. I loved to be able to paint whenever I felt like as my water color and papers could always travel with me… With canvas and acrylics I discovered the materiality of painting I started to touch the paintings, to carry them discovering a new relationship to image. I then needed to travel back to France and had to unmount them… very heavy these 4 paintings traveling back through CDG airport and then by train to Marseille…

Space landscapes, acrylics, 2020

Space landscapes, acrylics, 2020 Isabelle Arvers

Magic mountains, acrylics, 2020

Magic mountains, acrylics, 2020 Isabelle Arvers

Child memories, acrylics, 2020

Child memories, acrylics, 2020 Isabelle Arvers

Blue walk, acrylics, 2020

Blue walk, acrylics, 2020 Isabelle Arvers