In january, Bertrand Lemonnier invited me to give a machinima workshop at the Art School HEAR in Mulhouse. We were 11 artists to give workshops in narration, modeling, sculpture, painting, collaborative practice in Duchamp…. I didn’t know Mulhouse before but I so much enjoyed this week in between all the artists present for the workshops, as well as the very welcoming team and the students who were more than nice!

After a presentation of game artwors and machinima, and machinima making technics, students began to think about their projects and tried different things, but the fisrt evening in a teutonic bar created the best creative atmosphere… and geat ideas emerged from it.

Guillaume Cochet created a machinima from the game Antichamber created by Alexander Bruce. In the Tranches de Quai exhibition, at the end of all workshops, natrichamber was screened on the ground.

Then, an entire team decided to join forces in order to produce a super machinima production: The Toilet Simulator 2. An installation in situ as a projection in the artschool toilets, a game simulation, a making off and a flyer…

Knowing that the project was taking place besides the workshop of Loic Connanski, a market study of the best Duchamp quotations, there was like a toilet thematic in the art school coridor…

The two others machinima directed at the school referenced to Lynch awkward moments or to the idea of images accumulations.

I totally enjoyed that week spent in Mulhouse, for the good peopke, as well as the results of the workshop. Also I really enjoyed machinima projections being mixed to more traditional artworks and workshops as sculpture, wood cuts or modeling. A great experience, hope to make it again soon! 😉