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[↗] MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver. February 20 to June 12, 2016

Mashup catalogue

Machinima: a selection, 2016

[↗] Catalogue de l’exposition MASH UP à la Vancouver Art Gallery (PDF)

Coder décoder la frontière exhibition view

Coding and decoding borders, Brussels

[↗] Coder et décoder les frontières présente des œuvres d’artistes et de chercheurs qui s’interrogent sur la mise en données et de la mathématisation des frontières.

Travel, Nicola Mai

Coding and decoding borders a new antiatlas exhibition

Commissaires : Isabelle Arvers et Nathalie Lévy The exhibition «Coding/Decoding the Borders» aims to represent the complex reality of border changes at the dawn of the 21st century….

La fin des Cartes ?

[↗] Espace des Arts sans Frontières, Paris, novembre 2015

Blu blu blu, Isabelle Arvers et Duo B

September news: Kareron in Hamburg for Play 15, in LA at UCLA Game Lab, in Paris for La Fin des Cartes…‏

Blu blu blu, Isabelle Arvers and Duo b En 2014, Isabelle Arvers s’est associée à Myriam Boyer pour créer Kareron, pour la promotion, diffusion, production et communication autour…

Games Reflexions, Sorgues

[↗] Médiathèque de Sorgues, mai 2015

Evolution of gaming, a retrogaming exhibit curated by Isabelle Arvers in Vancouver, 2014

Press review of the exhibition Evolution of Gaming, Vancouver, 2014

Media America CDM Interview of Isabelle Arvers Hackcircus Interview of Isabelle Arvers – Hack Circus Play over 40 retrogames at the CDM – Straight.com Lets visitors play games…

Webplayers, a webart exhibit for the PODFEST festival of digital poetry in Rio

This selection of websites is the state of the art of online creation and could be seen as an online answer to Abravana, the art movement initiated by…

Evolution of gaming, a retrogaming exhibit curated by Isabelle Arvers in Vancouver, 2014

EVOLUTION of gaming a retrogaming exhibition at CDM in Vancouver

Photos by Dan Flemming I was invited by the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver with the help of the French Cultural Institute to co-curate a retrogaming exhibition…

Press review of the exhibition AntiAtlas of borders, 2013 – 2014

Annonnouncement of the exhibition at the Musée des tapisseries in Beaux Arts Magazine, Janvier 2012 Catalog Ulysses Un événement coup de coeur Arte, sept. 2013 L’antiAtlas des frontières…

Games Reflexions, curator Isabelle Arvers

Games Reflexions game art retro & indie games exhibition

An exhibition curated by Isabelle Arvers with the help of Pierre Corbinais with the blog Oujevipo for the indie games part and of Benjamin Fouquoire in retrogaming. Are…

The antiAtlas of Borders, Tapestry Museum, Aix-en-Provence, 1st Oct 3d Nov 2013

Bypassing cartography, the antiAtlas of 21st century borders (http://antiatlas.net/) program presents a new approach to the transformation and experience of land, sea, air and virtual borders. It is…

Curating new media in a gaming room, conference at Transmediale in 2003

I just found a conference I gave in 2003 at Transmediale in Berlin. PLAYTIME THE GAMING ROOM It was first created as a lighter option within the larger…

When machinima talk about video games and when games reflect reality

Gamerz Festival #7 – ARCADE, Aix-en-Provence, November 2011 Machinima program, curated by Isabelle Arvers A selection of films made from video game engines or from a Game Boy…

Playing to real

Médiathèque de Meudon La Forêt – 27 nov.-5 dec. 2007 Game art exhibit Because power is based on violence , children play at war . Because the world…


La muséographie au défi de l’immatérialité, 2007

[↗] PDF – Article sur ArtFact