“Walk with Me” is a participatory work produced by Wei Hsinyen. The work is an experiment in discovering the scenic form of Taipei. The artist walks one-on-one with a participant down paths she used to take in her daily life and paths that evoke personal memories while the person shares their own stories.

Invited by Wei Hsinyen I am discovering the neighbourhood of her childhood, one of the oldest in Taipei, passing through narrow aisles at the back of the main streets, a very old small market, more industrial areas where we will exchange family secrets. Wei Hsinyen tells me about family pressure and she also tells me stories that might perhaps really happened… We also talk about the pressure of having a child… Please immerge yourself into Taipei’ oldest area!

Wei Hsinyen is a Taiwanese artist working in photography, video and performance. Her work explores intimacy through various social, sensory and cultural implications. She received her MFA in studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has presented work in spaces such as the Sun Gallery and Contemporary Art Space in Taiwan, Rich Mix in London, Art Busan in Korea, CoCA Center on Contemporary Art Seattle, EXPO Chicago, Links Hall and Mana Contemporary Chicago. She currently lives and works in Taipei.