Collapsus, a web documentary by Tommy Pallotta

Collapsus, a web documentary by Tommy Pallotta

Here is the list of my links I prepared for a conference about web documentaries, game culture and machinima, Forum du regard, Pessac

Web doc vs Games :

A form to be invented

A definition that does not exist yet,
An economic model to be found

The Web documentary uses most of the techniques of the Web: image/video /sound /interaction/webcam/network, real-time, continuous updates of information, discussion forums, collection and documentation of information, interaction, social networks.

Form appeared in the middle of the Nineties and which evolved with the medium

“Real-time journalism” : the same subject is documented in all the possible ways: films, photographs, sounds, interviews, texts,

“Parallel producing”

Interactivity: the Net surfer becomes a director with social networks, discussion forums, the contribution of documents by the users, participative indexation,

A collective and collaborative work of memory

Two attitudes suggested: the reader and the spectator
One attitude revealed: the actor.

Objective: to touch a younger public which forsook the documentary one…


FROM 2003 to 2011


Only ten percent of web documentaries are still online, if we don’t pay attention to the archive matter, this new type of journalism will build the conditions of our lost memory in the near future.

Web documentaries as well as augmented journalism corresponds to the new way for people to consume information, but the challenge for the future is to find an economic model and also to avoid the web documentary choice for bad reasons: no funds to make a movie or to distribute it

To avoid to see web documentary as a solution per defect.





Frespech Notes

Grégory Chatonsky, the wait

Grégory Chatonsky, under the earth

The Sonic memorial project, Picture projects, 2001

360° US Carceral System, 2001




References Scoop it web doc

Prison Valley

Les communes de Paris, Simon Buisson
“An excursion in the urban and in the human being”

La Zone, a come back to Tchernobyl years after, Bruno Masi & Guillaume Herbault

Code barre, Arte tv

30 directors 100 films with an iphone app and the possibility to film an object and  to obtain stories which are referred to it

Collapsus, The energy risk conspiracy , by Tommy

Tunisian revolution & Internet


Kandahar ‘s women :




Software Klynt

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