Rafaël Rozendaal

Where are you from ? (country, influences, background)

My father¹s parents are some of the most fanatic calvinists in the world : they have no TV, computer or radio and they pray 6 times a day. They are farmers and lead a modest life of protestant principles. Hard workers with no idea of what¹s going on in the world, used to the cold and flat landscape of the Netherlands.

How did you meet M Manetas ?

I voted on iamgonnacopy.com. Meeting Manetas was no coincidence. All these neensters meeting each other is a sign of something enormously important happening in the near future, something very big and very important, and unknown, therefore exciting.

What is your philosophy and your influences in this field ?

I believe in condensed reality: my work should present concentration and clarity.

Do you think that humor can be a pedagogic way to better understand abstract concepts ?


Do you play videogames and which ones ?

No, most are too difficult. Sometimes I play fighting games like Tekken.

What the meaning for you to create for internet ? what do you expect from flash animations ?

The internet is the most important stage for art so far. There is no better way for an artist to present his work than on the web. In a museum, there is always a distance between the viewer and the work, and there are a lot of tourists standing around taking pictures of themselves in front of a painting. The street is a nice place for some projects, but very limited in time and very local. Streets are also quite saturated and hectic. The internet is the most intimate stage. You view from your bedroom in your pyjamas on your own laptop that is fully customized with personal icons and a nice desktop pattern. It is a very personal environment in which the user invites the artwork from any place in the world to his own sacred screen. It¹s very far and very close.

What do you like in network performances (as the one you did for the eo ?)

You don’t know what you’re going to get.

What are your projects for the future ?

Visiting Paris

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