Could you present your installation for Sonarmatica’s exhibit ?

I am an artist of the group Garderobe 23 and what we do, we work a lot with digital images and we try to find different systems to get connected to the images because when you take digital images they get lost on your hard disk somewhere because there are so many of them, you take a lot, a lot, and… so we try systems to get back to the images again. We show here one of these systems : Seespeed which is also a developer of mind and we tried to make a measurement of the moment, you can measure how fast you keep to like to see and if they are able to see fast as if they were in the earlier years for instance and it works only with photographs, digitally taken and you can pitch the sounds on the images.

Do you touch pictures up ?

I let them as they are, at the beginning it’s just to find how to come to them again, in fact it’s a fast way to watch a lot of images.

And the other works ?

The B.jpg is also made of digital images. As we are 4 people taking photographs and we have now about 60 000 photographs and on this we try to take some pictures of berlin and to localise it, so you have a map and you have the images and always you can see twice, on two ways. On the first way, you can see it chronologicle : like in may, in the beginning of may… and you see how it goes on… And on the other way, you can see where the pictures were taken, you can roll over the pictures on the map and you see where it was taken….

You also present other artists ‘creations ?

That’s all what we have here, but we have also some other projects. For instance we have a Gallery in our place in Berlin…

What’s the name of this Gallery ?

It’s ezwei,, and it’s an online gallery.

Could you tell us about your collectiv ?

We are about ten people, it’s changing sometimes. We are students or finished already and we’re from departments design, communication, photograph things and that’s our business if we can say like that. And we found out that it’s very important for us, in our generation to get connected to other people and to do something together, build up little networks which get connected with another networks. So we build up this room and we have regullary events at the evening where we invit people for special things, like talkshow, show or we had the last time mobile phone and we invit people who are interested in to communicate with us to come. So the net is growing…

Why did you choose new media, only in order to communicate ?

Where are two main things. First, it’s the fastest way to communicate with other people, by e-mail and stuff like that. On the other hand, it fits to the time, use modern technologies is well to express yourself.

Do you think that there is a real new media aesthetics ?

Definitively yes. And it’s changing art is getting more and more digitall, it’s better over the net, in CD Roms, and I think that is what the art will be in the future.

Is it why you have a gallery on the net, and you auction art in it ?

Yes we have some famous and less famous artists in our gallery and every two weeks we auction art and you can buy art on our gallery. It’s an easyer way to sell and a most interesting way to do it. And « merci beaucoup »