Activist teaching

Last week i had my teacher’s hat… and i kept it 40 hours.

I tought students in Science and Communication Networks from the University of Aix-en-provence-Marseille in Arles and also students in Management and Corporate Strategy from Marseille and students in Communication in Aix-en-Provence.

Every year i meet around 700 students in different schools and universities and i take this occasion as an opportunity to give messages, to make prevention, to give consciousness, awareness about politics, economy, law and new media. The idea is to open the doors of the power arcanes and to explain what is media concentration and its danger for the freedom of mind and journalism, but also how transparency, openness, collaboration and participation are some positive ideas to follow.

I also teach digital media writing trying to give an overview of what digital creation is in a country where quite no institution nor gallery is showing it. I was really happy to create with students a little machinima in two hours with the baseline : When we attack the pension the retired people counter-attack… so french!

I think that some ideas are really important nowadays : net neutrality, free and opensource knowledge & soft and hardwares, understanding all kind of manipulations, being conscious of the power of lobbying and of online action. To develop an understanding about the other side of power, to develop a global perception of everything. And to fight for some ideas, like freedom, free access, sharing, responsibility in every action

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