Médiathèque de Meudon La Forêt
27 nov. – 5 dec. 2007

Game art exhibit

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From Russia with fun, Damien Aspe, 2007

From Russia with fun, Damien Aspe, 2007
35 elements in mdf with varying sizes representing Tetris, the work of Russian Alexey Pazhitnov.

Camping Station, Dardex – M2F, 2007

Camping Station, Dandex – M2F, 2007
Camping Station is a minimalist interface between techno video and sound, carried out in 2007. It is a camping table which can be folded up and transported, equipped with 4 push-buttons and a flat screen. It works with a tuning bin made into a heavy sound system. It is a playful installation which takes up the aesthetic codes of several generations, combining design and recycling, half-way between the camper of the 70’s and techno-culture of the 90’s. The audience is invited to make a technomix, to compose with partners and in this way to become D.J and V.J virtuosi.

Play All, Vittoria Polatto, 2008

Play All, Vittoria Polatto, 2008
A video that plays on the difference between bitter sweet game and reality.

Mathias, Yann Groleau, 2007

Mathias, Yann Groleau
The video called ‘’Mathias’’plays ellipses in an interview entirely redesigned, of a video game player to MMO.

Samorost, Jakub Dvorsky, 2003

Samorost, Jakub Dvorsky, 2003
Samorost is a series of independent video game adventure point-and-click, developed by Czech studio Amanita Design. The word “Samorost”comes from the Czechand designate a piece of wood or root of a strange appearance, which may be recalled as a créature. It may also appoint someone who doesnot care about the rest of the world, as the game character, an elf who lives alone with his dog on a small planet.