I met randomly Saki Wakita because I had a torticolis and she came to my place to make me a reiki session. We became friends and she came back with her partner Alex Wielemans, who is a traditional Malian musician, to play kora and ngoni on my rooftop. I was amazed by the beauty of the sound and we soon decided to organise a party where they would play music while I would mix images. We teamed up with Varvara Franko, Igor Nechytailenko, Sasha and Chaheire and organises the Afro Groove party on a rooftop in Dahab

À concert of Kora and Ngoni by Alex Wielemans & Saki Wakita with a VJ performance by Isabelle Arvers where I remix Igor Nechytailenko artworks.

Alex and Saki play kora and ngoni – these are traditional African instruments. Alex is a professional musician from Brussels, who plays music in the Mali tradition. He travels for many years in Africa and makes instruments himself, teaches people to play them.This is special music that makes us happy. I hope you will feel this vibe too!