Blu blu blu, Isabelle Arvers et Duo BMy abstract machinima blublublu created in Brazil during my residencyy at Riralscapes in collaboration with the musician collective Duo B is exhibited in Personal Action, Public Display: A Balcony of Video Game Art at Artists Run Chicago 2.0, October 2020

As a part of Artists Run Chicago 2.0 at Hyde Park Art Center, VGA Gallery presents Personal Action, Public Display: A Balcony of Video Game Art. For this exhibition, VGA will program the entire projection façade of the HPAC that viewers can see from either inside or outside of the building depending on the time of day. The projections offer a mix of machinima (or animation made with video game engines) and two interactive pieces that visitors can play through their own mobile device. As a group of artworks they offer an introduction to video game art as a discipline leveraging private, personal devices into collective acts of digital expression.

Works featured in Personal Action, Public Display

A Noise Monster!

Jon Cates & Jake Elliot with Ei Jane Janet Lin, digital video, 3:29, 2016

“You’re on an endless beach after the unnamed apocalypse but the world didn’t end like they said it would, it carries on after all, like always… The beach is beautiful, sine waves, seagulls and gently crashing vaporwaves abound, but lonely until we found ourselves our new friend: a cute little glitch kitten who kitten glitches! This is “A Noise Monster” by Jake Elliott && jonCates, a game for kids and adults who love to play with glitches and aren’t afraid of being monsters.”

blu blu blu

Isabelle Arvers & DUO b, digital video, 2:29, 2015

blu blu blu is a video game engine glitch created by Isabelle Arvers during her residency at Ruralscapes in June in Brazil. It is her first collaboration with the Brazilian artist duo Duo B for the song recording of a river surrounding the residency. blu blu blu is a glitch of a mountain representation floating in the sky.

Palle Torsson, 2:16, 2011

Based on a game modification of Half-Life 2, this machinima depicts nondescript dark suited characters plummeting into an endless tunnel. A metaphor of man’s fall in the iron cage of technology.

Surface AnalysisJon Chambers, 3D animation, facial recognition software, p5.js, local wifi, 2019

Gallery-goers can use their own phone to connect to the piece and interact directly with Surface Analysis. Jon Chambers’ work is interested in how we negotiate our physical and virtual lives within overlapping themes of consumerism, surveillance, play, environmental impact and future histories.

8000 PeopleKnut LSG Hybinette, 1:26, 2013

“What Happens when 8000 people runs towards you. It is common feeling when done watching this animation: nothing. Knut’s projects explore the ideas of failed Utopias, the violence that we as humans too eagerly too embrace.”

Danny L Harle – Ashes of Love

Sam Rolfes, 3:28, 2016

Created using VR, motion capture and face capture, this music video uses performative practices to create a completely remote—and manic—digital dance party.

 ShortwaveJoel Corelitz, collaborative musical platform, 2016

Players connect by going to a website which turns their phone into a musical controller. Users can use their own phone to connect to the piece and interact. Joel Corelitz believes technology should be a unifying and creative force. Our phones often feel like distractions from our surroundings. Shortwave was developed to bring us closer together by engaging people in the joy of cooperative play while in the same space.

Lara Croft, Domestic Goddess, I & IIGeorgie Roxby Smith, 2:14, 2013

Georgie Roxby Smith’s hacked Lara Croft Tomb Raider video game shows the familiar icon for violent femme fatale bad-assery in the throes of orgasmic housekeeping, a scene that could be read as neo-Friedan, with her “domestic goddess” subject trapped between the banally physical and the extraordinarily virtual.

Juliana Riska, Kim Boldt, Loraine Stary, and Dorian Reunkrilerk, 3:51, 2016

Behind this clever meditation on walls and wall decoration lies a deep critique of capitalism and the mass production of uniqueness that informs its ideology.