Game on el arte del juego machinima workshop

During Game On El Arte del Juego, I gave a 2 days workshop on Games as colors on canvas, a workshop that aims to use the video game as a medium to make films, video and to divert the idea of machinima to transform it into raw material for hybrid works and mix different games as we would mix colors on a painting …

Held in the frame of the Art & Games World Tour, we mostly used games I encountered around the global south game world in order to tell stories with game environments coming from Asia or Latin America. It was a great moment of sharing where I discovered a lot of independant games as Pablo F Quarta, editor of Matajuego and Laura Palavecino, game artist were attending the workshop. Two other artists and video film makers were attending, it was a beautiful moment of experiences, artworks and imaginaries sharing.

Laura Palavecino who is a game artist decided to work with the art game made by the artist Kumitsu Fujihata: Wander in wonder to create a very sensitive and trans species narrative.

A machinima by Laura Palavecino (AR), based on Wander in wonder by Kumistu Fujihata (JP), 2019
A film made during a the Games as colors on canvas workshop, given by Isabelle Arvers in San Martin Cultural Center for Game On! El Arte del Juego in November 2019