From 13 to 15 november 2013 we are invited by Marta Klonowska from Agora in Wroclaw to held a machinima workshop in the frame of LEVEL ART, an event about machinima, 8 bit and demoscene. I will be with Emmanuel Mayoud for the workshop. This is a wundeful occasion to spead the word about machinima in Poland, where I am more than happy to go for the first time and discover part of my roots, thanks so much for this invitation!!

Level Art Agora Wroclaw

On the 15th, I gave a lecture about machinima as a medium. I actually think that we can now divert machinima from its first use -telling stories with game engines – in order to create installations, interactive films, etc… Machinima can now be seen as a tool, as well as games.

The machinima workshop is now over and we it was our best machinima workshop so far, the teenagers were really creative and autonomous in learning new softwares. They created 3 machinimas using the video editor of GTA and one machinima was created with Moviestorm.

Machinimas created during the workshop