Les Abattoirs, 10 october 2013, 7pm, Hall Auditorium, Toulouse


I am really happy to be back on webjaying for a conference performance about games and networks. I haven’t played with WJ-s for a while and I have to say that I missed it a lot! It is such another way of presenting artworks online: more fun and more immersion for the audience. This is also very welcome after such a huge stress to prepare three exhibitions opening the same month.

I am very grateful to Loic Diaz Ronda who had the idea of asking me to perform and talk about games and their relationship to art on the web, as it will be part of a seminar about design, art and narration. I will try to play and talk at the same time and I hope it will be entertaining for the people who will sit in between three screens displaying websites of artists and game designers through WJ-s. I will talk about game art, indie games, online games and machinimas!