8 bit : a documentary

I was interviewed during the festival High score for a documentary about 8 bit art and video games.

Trailer of the documentary :

“Premiered at the Museum of Modern Art and voted by ArtForum as one of the year’s ten best films, 8 Bit is an acclaimed hybrid documentary exploring the history of artists and video games.

This mélange of rockumentary and art exposé examines early hacker culture and interviews contemporary musicians, artists, and programmers who repurpose game hardware, modify existing games, and create original games.

Featuring Cory Arcangel, Isabelle Arvers, Bit Shifter, Bodenstandig 2000, Bubblyfish, Mary Flanagan, Gameboyz Orchestra, Glomag, Rachel Green, Ed Halter, Paul Johnson, John Klima, Joe McKay, Tom Moody, Christiane Paul, Akiko Sakaizumi, Eddo Stern, teamtendo, Treewave and more!” (ACMI)

I presented it on several occasions :
GAMES. Art and Politics of Games, Kunsthalle, Vienna, 28 may / 6 july 08
Festival Art Futura, Barcelone, Espagne, from 26 to 29 oct 2007
Mapping Festival, BAC, Geneva, Switzerland, april 2007
Némo Festival, Regional cultural action in Ile de France, Espace Cartier, Paris, april 2006 & 2007
Art+Games, Brussels, Belgium, december 2006

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  1. Where would one be able to watch this nowadays?

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