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The digital, a vector of equality?

The digital, a vector of equality?, webinar with Gayatri Kodikal, IFIndia, 14th of Nov 22

The French Institute in India is inviting The French digital designer Isabelle Arvers and the Indian artist Gayatri Kodikal to have a conversation on the theme – The…

flyer guy gi centre yennenga

Guy Gi

Guy Gi une exposition co-conçue par alt-del et Fama Ndiaye pour le Centre Yennenga, Dakar A l’occasion du @Partcours #11, le Centre Yennenga et AltDel vous invitent à…

Eternal Parade, Carnaval Digital 2020

Vaudou Trans & Eternal Parade in Togo @ Carnavaldigital2020, digitalcarnaval.com

CARNAVAL DIGITAL 2020 is a six point star collaboration of specialists in anthropology on masks and rituals, artists, a specialist in carnivals around the world, a 2 very…

Portrait d'artiste Isabelle Arvers Turbulences Video n°104

Artist portrait

Artist Portrait by Turbulences video 2018 “In a cellar, cut into the volcanic rock, not far from Notre-Dame du Port, the sublime Romanesque church of Clermont-Ferrand, after descending…

She and the light bearer Mojiken Studio

Une globe-game-trotteuse en Indonésie, par Isabelle Arvers pour Poptronics

Nature et culture, queer et traditions, activisme et jeu vidéo : la troisième étape, en Indonésie, du tour du monde d’Isabelle Arvers sur Poptronics est un joyeux mélange…

Portrait d'artiste Isabelle Arvers Turbulences Video n°104

Portrait d’artiste: Isabelle Arvers in Turbulences Video n°104

Lire Turbulences Video n° 104 Portrait d’artiste : Isabelle Arvers (p.36-37) Entretien avec Isabelle Arvers – Propos d’Isabelle Arvers, recueillis par Gabriel Soucheyre (p.38) Compte-rendu Résidence VIDEOFORMES –…

Genesis, game art Djeff Regottaz solo show, curatorial statement par Isabelle Arvers

Texte de présentation de l’exposition d’oeuvres de game art Genesis, conçue par Isabelle Arvers, dans le cadre du solo show de Djeff Regottaz à la Fondation Vasarelly, Now…

Under the wide sky of Liz Solo, by Isabelle Arvers

IOTA Institute commissioned Liz Solo to create an artwork online: The Wide Sky and asked me to write a critical text about her work. You can read it…

Selection Machinima Isabelle Arvers Overkill

Machinima exhibition on Immortality for Overkill Festival in NL

The Overkill is a 48 hours nonstop festival which regroups an art exhibition, a selection of indie games, an alternative movie program, live performance and many activities such…

Blue Mountain by Isabelle Arvers

Imaginaires Jeux, Pavillon Grapelli, 26 mai 2018 – 9 juin 2018

Pour cette exposition de machinimas (films conçus à partir de moteurs de jeux vidéo), Isabelle Arvers présente au Pavillon Grapelli, espace d’art contemporain de la ville de Niort…

nathalie magnan

TRANS//BORDER, Nathalie Magnan teachings MUCEM

Press review Dans le sillage de Nathalie Magnan Nathalie Magnan for ever Artists on the water, a history of pirate ships This event produced by Kareron directed by…

Cross by, Isabelle Arvers et Nathalie Négro

Martigues. Soir d’évasion au conservatoire Picasso.

[↗] Interview vidéo sur Cross by par Maritima.info

Mer violette par Isabelle Arvers

Abstract machinima

VIDEOS In these videos, abstract shapes and landscapes are developed where the random movement of certain objects such as the sea or waves in the Moviestorm game engine…

Blue Mountain by Isabelle Arvers

“Cross by”, hybrid project between machinima and piano

The very close link between image and music is designed to create an immersive and contemplative experience in a hybrid form of a virtual space to be inhabited…

Les machinimas – Des détournements de jeux vidéo ludiques… ou politiques !

[↗] Culture mobile – point d’expert

Heroic Makers vs Heroic Land, Isabelle Arvers

Heroic makers vs heroic land, a machinima doc

The French government wants to dismantle the Calais jungle. Will the volunteer-run Chemin des Dunes school, opened on February 6, be spared? I am currently working on a…


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