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My video Sorcières exhibited in Apparitions

Super happy that my video Sorcières, video, animation 3D, 2019 is exhibited in APPARITIONS : an online exhibition of dis-possession The livestream occur and loop on Halloween night…

Art Games Demos Poster


Art Games Demos est une soirée imaginée par Isabelle Arvers et Chloé Desmoineaux, dédiée à l’exposition d’oeuvres vidéo et à la démonstration de jeux vidéo dans une ambiance…

Mer violette par Isabelle Arvers

Abstract machinima

VIDEOS In these videos, abstract shapes and landscapes are developed where the random movement of certain objects such as the sea or waves in the Moviestorm game engine…

Play 15 Hambourg

Isabelle Arvers on Machinimas, Festival Play 15, Hambourg

[↗] Video YouTube

Interview of Isabelle Arvers by Jenna NG

Interviewed by Jenna Ng for Understanding Machinima Collection

[↗] Video YouTube – Agency, Simulation, Gamification, Machinima: An interview with Isabelle Arvers and Jenna Ng.

How to return to scriptwriting with video games, Video-conference at Remediate, Merz Akademie

For Remediate, an event curated by MARIO DOULIS and PETER OTTI at the Merz Akademie, I gave a video conference about »Machinima or how to return to Scriptwriting…

Articule 3, emerging swiss creation

Press review (fr): Les Inrockuptibles Bonlieu’s National Scene Annecy, march 21 – 24 2007 Young digital swiss creation: animation, video and interactive installation This exhibition was conceived in…