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I is an other - Isabelle Arvers

“I is an other”, machinima at Gamerz 08

To present the machinima show curated for the 8th edition of the festival Gamerz in Aix-en-Provence 19 28 oct. 2012 More than an aesthetic, games and machinima made… Performances

Performances Psychogeography – Data Vizualization – Emotional Mapping Games – Game Art – Retrogaming Neen I am a Web Jay!! WJ-S is a project developped by Anne Roquigny…

Mer rose by Isabelle Arvers

Expositions / exhibitions

“Contemporary Landscape”, CICA Museum, CorĂ©e du Sud, juin-juillet 2017 Mer rose Biennale WRO, Draft Systems, Wroclaw, Pologne, mai-juillet 2017 Heroic Makers vs Heroic Land “Machinima Report”, par la…