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Festival Miségli: virtual storytelling workshops

As part of the 2020 edition of the Miségli festival, entirely digital, discover the fruit of the collaboration of the Togolese storytellers and the virtual memory of Togolese living art, the KanTaTa project.

For two weeks, thanks to the support of the French Institute of Togo, the storytellers and the cartoonist Kofatil Adja decided to challenge their profession through the virtual under the direction of Hodin Senyon Photography, the French pioneer of the film machinima Isabelle Arvers and the director Mr. Victor.

Welcome to the universe of the Togolese virtual tale with a virtual restitution between podcasts, machinima films, tales and video games!

We started by a first workshop at Clair Obscur, Mister Victor studio by a introduction to machinima and to the current project: mixing their tales with virtual environments of game engines. Then, we started to listen to the stories of Charlotte Boane, Madje Markus, Joseph Bessan, in order to imagine what type of landscapes and characters we would have to create for our films.

We then discover the different technics of machinima making (Recording a gameplay of a game on a computer; Moviestorm, Video editor in GTA) and Mr Victor also started to shoot the stories with a green background as, besides machinima, they were also production Tik Tok videos.

Then the workshop happened at Kokou Nouwaki studio where we mostly worked to record traditional tales and to direct our machinima using different games and Moviestorm. One of the issue we had is that most of the games and game engines are european or american and don’t have any asset related to Togolese landscapes or traditions. We most of the times needed traditional Togolese village settings with huts and vegetation that don’t exist in 99% of the cases. So we integrated pictures in Moviestorm and for certain animals used animations on green background that we found on Youtube.

For some of the films, we integrated the storyteller in the image using chroma key. We also had a workshop on videoediting with Filmora by Hodin Seynion.



Dans le cadre d’une édition 2020 du festival Miségli entièrement digitale, découvrez le fruit de la collaboration des et de la mémoire virtuelle de l’art vivant togolais, le projet KanTaTa.

Durant deux semaines, grâce à l’appui de l’Institut Français du Togo, les ainsi que le dessinateur Kofatil Adja ont décidé de challenger leur métier par le virtuel sous la direction de Hodin Senyon Photography, de la pionnière francaise du film machinima Isabelle Arvers et du réalisateur M. Victor.

Extrait de conte machinima : ” Le devin ” de Joseph Koffi Bessan

Bienvenue dans l’univers du conte virtuel togolais avec une restitution virtuelle entre podcasts, films machinima, contes et jeux vidéo !

Extrait de conte machinima : ” L’aigle et le vautour ” de Charlotte Boane

This project was initiated during the hackathon #TousContreCorona, itself a citizen’s initiative, carried by the Togolese Government and supported by the German Cooperation through the implementation of the GIZ. / Ce projet a été initié lors du hackathon #TousContreCorona, lui-même à l’initiative de citoyens, porté par le Gouvernement Togolais et appuyé par la Coopération Allemande par la mise en œuvre de la GIZ.