During the first semester 2012/2013, I gave a course about Creation and Networks at la Sorbonne. I was pretty amazed by the students artworks created during this course. Here are some exemples of online artworks created after a course dedicated to net.art first and then to collaborative artworks. For the net.art course I asked the students to talk about themleves through the easthetic of net.art and also to refer to the style, thematics and ideas relevant to this art movement.

Benjamin Bartholet created a website for the first course about net.art that I really enjoyed, because it was for me a good revival of the net.art esthetics remixed with a modern point of view. Felicien Goguey also created a net.art version of his website as a net.art pop remix!

For my course about collaborative artworks, the team composed by Millad Asmaie, Benjamin Bartholet, Ingrid Perraud, Stela Dinova et Camille Goy created 20SISBIMC, an online creation in HTML5 with a strict protocole of collaborative action that made me think to Daisy Chain.

My last course was about machinima, after a review of what exists in this discipline, I asked the students to create a machinima, here are some of the videos they created :

First, here is a machinima directed by Benjamin Bartholet and Félicien Goguey.

Jupiter and Beyond the Blocks from bb fg on Vimeo.

Edouard Taufenbach directed Machinhuma in Moviestorm, as an abstract and neverending march of a man with a casquette.

Then here is a scene of Psycho revisited by Claire Delavault inside the Sims :

Lonely Boy is a clip directed inside the game Limbo, in between a game demo, a machinima and a video clip.

Queer Game, is a mix between a Game demo and a creation of an avatar.

Azza Dsouli presents a video clip of the song Operation Tunis, directed inside the dedicated machinima software Moviestorm.