This video documents an open crea workshop organized by Design the Future Now. I gave a conference about advergames & gamification and then people from communication, serious games and marketing began to think about a strategy including game mechanics, that i finally directed in a machinima.

Sometimes your activity goes in very different directions. Depending on your needs, meetings, network, things happens and you can see yourself in some very extreme positions : first in my curatorial work, i was a bit embarrassed of being a curator without any art studies, but discovering digital art and net activism and also the political side of game art, I understood that i really had my place in this domain, with my political sciences background and from a libertarian tradition in my family. In game art I found the notion of pleasure, of diversion, of reverse engineering, of open source, of hacking, of freedom of speech and mind. To play with rules and being more autonomous by designing an alternative world to ours…

Then, because of circumstances I became a professor, a guest professor. First in museography and digital art curating but then, in online communication, web marketing, internet and authors right law, new media economy, web management, internal communication, interpersonal communication, conflicts regulation, stress management….

And I also became trainer in Pleade. Pleade is an open source software that intends to publish and index archives online.

What was the link between all that matters?  Between game art and web marketing, between being a machinima curator and a new media law teacher? Between web marketing and archives publishing?

I finally realized what was the link between all these disciplines : interaction and participation, openness on one side. In game art participation calls for autonomy and consciousness. Ibn management it deals with more motivation and in marketing with more implication and reaction from consumers became “actors” of their consumerism.

Semantic web and indexation on the other side. Talking about web “.0 and wundering what it will be like (connected objects, semantic web) i also discovered that very different kind of people attends to the same kind of conferences. Because now, people in charge of the tubes are more and more interested by the content. Content and the access to it seems like the new goal to reach. And again two of my very different activities merge here.

Then, being the tresoriere of the non profit organization Design the future now i had to give an introduction to an open crier event, about ramification & advergames, showing it as tactics in relational management to create an experience for the user that allows an implication from him who then becomes a promoter of the brand, because of its participation to a game or to a process designed by the brand.

Artists and marketers and managers and human resources managers are all using the same technics, strategy, but for very different purposes, aims.