> Where are you from ? (country, influences, background…)

I grow up in Osaka ,Japan in a town called “13” .It’s a night culture oriented town , very shiny and animated at night like a little Las Vegas. After 2 years of collage in Kyoto I left Japan for NYC. Now I live in between LA ,NYC and Osaka .As a child I took every kind of lessons .I studied media art and fashion design, but it was not a big deal.

> How did you meet M Manetas ?

He had a studio next door of my apartment in Williamsburg .He found me from my singing voice and took me to his studio, put me high on a ladder , had me wear an eye mask and hold a Nintendo64 controller in order to take my picture for his paintings so I said “it’s me Mario!”(what Supermario says when you start the adventure of the mario64 videogame).

> What kind of collaboration do you have ?

I produce EO together with him and art direct it as any other good orphans do. Perform for digital photos for his paintings . I am a founder of different names and domains , names such as “neenster”,”world++”,”stupidy” ,”iamgonnacopy” and domains such as romanticus.com, philosophyinthebedroom.com , hellomypet.com, and togetherness.org.

> What is the meaning for you to create for internet ?

1.I like working on computer software because it brings me things that I wouldn’t even expect (accidents).

2.It only takes my laptop (I don’t have to deal with materials such as studios, papers ,paints, canvases, guitars, drums or editing machines).

3.I like shopping poetic domain names which I will have to fill up.

> Could you define your conception of netart ?


> What do you expect from online creations ?

NEEN. I like sites which are simple, surprising and dreamy.

> I read that you were a little dissapointed by the commun use of flash ? why?

Some people use Flash in a very predictable way. They will make things which they already know in real life and just translate them on screen (words etc…). instead I want to see things which are coming from their imagination.

> What were your dreams as you were a child ?

To be an actress.

> Do you play videogames and which ones ?

Yes ,of course .These days I play “Animal Leader” for Nintendo cube. It is the best must game. And “GTA3” + “ICO” for PS2 are OK. Now I am waiting for “super mario sunshine” to be delivered.

> What is your most ambitious project for the future ?

Be an icon and famous everywhere as a first Neenster and ++.

mai ueda , summer 2002.