Where are you from ? (country, influences, background…)

I was born and raised in Athens,Greece with italian roots.I used to work as CAD programmer few years ago until Flash 3 came out and I started as a hobby to make some very simple animations. Maybe the reason of this, unconsciously ,was that i used to hate all these cartoons and animations when I was a kid.

How did you meet M Manetas ?

Through Andreas Angelidakis.

What kind of collaboration do you have ?

He buys domains and I design flash animations.

How do you work with the other orphans for webprojects?

For example with my closest Neenster-friend Mai Ueda we worked together on her web site.We were bored one night in Los Angeles and suddenly Mai showed me a Comme des Garcons dress. We immediately came up with the idea to make a flash animation from the patterns.The web site was finished after half an hour.

What is the meaning for you to create for internet ?

I dont know if it means something, it is just the only place. Its like being in the jungle, and you try to create a civilization, you find a script, you test to see if you can start a fire.

You often take internet or computers interfaces in your artwork, do you think that there is a new aesthetics in it ?

That’s the only thing I do. I make web sites as an artwork. I’m not sure if the aesthetic is new, but definetly the way you experience is new, and the pressure to keep a user interested for more than 5 seconds, without doing too much. That is the most difficult thing , to keep interest but not necessarily to impress, but to have the same fascination as looking at a beautifull sunset maybe. Its always the same but something makes us look at it.

What would you like to explore now ?

I would like to interfere more with Active Worlds.I was so amazed when I first walked as an avatar in Chelsea and World++.I think it is the best place to hang out.

Your definition of digital creation, what do you expect from it ?

I think digital creation is endless.There are some things that we loved last year and now we cannot stand. But something cool is going on all the time.

Your next project ?

I have just finished the web site of British musician Gnac. Now I am starting to design the website for an art magazine called “The Breeder” and also I will design some avatars for the world NEEN.

Angelo Plessas interviewed by Isabelle Arvers