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Playtime, the retrogaming room of Villette Numérique

La Villette Numérique, Paris, 2002 The idea behind Playtime – the gaming room is to contrast the low-tech aesthetics of the first gaming computers and consoles with high-tech…

Sound Toys

La Villette Numérique, Paris, septembre 2002 WEBWUERFELWERKSTATTA, Akuvido A game, where the user acts in the role of the founder of own music and visual image. Central to…

Digital art with Je ne sais quoi – Interviewed by Xeni Jardin, Wired.com

[↗] read on ISSUU – Interview about the online gallery I curated for Villette Numérique

Villette numérique fest, Plugging into wired artists

[↗] Paris voice, septembre 2002