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decolonizing art and video games by isabelle arvers FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO online meetings


  On the 29th March, I was invited by Rejane Cantoni to participate to FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO online meetings to talk about my curatorial work and my Art…

Art Games Demos

ART GAMES DEMOS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Games, Video, Animation & Machinima Program 2017 – 2019

Art Games Demos est une soirée imaginée par Isabelle Arvers et Chloé Desmoineaux, dédiée à l’exposition de créations touchant de près ou de loin à l’art vidéo, aux…

“Universalization is a colonialist heritage.” An interview with video game curator Isabelle Arvers by Regine Debatty

“Universalization is a colonialist heritage.” An interview with video game curator Isabelle Arvers by Régine Debatty

Read the interview about my upcoming Art + Games World Tour on We-make-money-not-art

Logo Art and Games World Tour by Isabelle Arvers

ART + GAMES WORLD TOUR, by Isabelle Arvers, 2019 – 2020

French version To celebrate her 20 years as curator in the fields of art and video games, Isabelle Arvers proposes to carry out in 2019 a world tour…

Games Reflexions, Sorgues

[↗] Médiathèque de Sorgues, mai 2015

Machiniglitch: a machinima exhibit on glitches, bugs and accidents!

The word « glitch » first appeared in spaceship programmes in the USA in 1962. A computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing…

Visiting Professor at the Center for Digital Media, Vancouver

I am really glad to be invited by Jeannette Kopack and Richard Smith from The Center for Digital Media in Vancouver with the help of the Consulate General…

Next machinima workshop and debates

Machinima workshop Tour! Machinima Workshop, Théâtre Toulon Liberté, 31st March & 1st April 2012, all day long! http://www.theatre-liberte.fr/spectacle/weekend-portes-ouvertes Machinima workshop, Stereolux, Nantes, from 10 to 19 April 2012,…

Machinimas as a political or artistic “detournement” of video games

By using virtual spaces and changing the perspective as an artistic strategy, machinima allow a distanced critique of a simulated world. They tend to erase the boundaries between…

Le Moi Jeux d’Isabelle Arvers – Cimaise, mars 2007

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