A VJ Performance by Isabelle Arvers with Kenyan DJs/Producers collective EA Waves to end Jibambe na Tec at Chester House in Nairobi,in November 2020. A video by David Amollo for the French Alliance in Nairobi.

In November 2020, I joined forces with Amaze, the Nairobi Bus, the French Alliance and the Goethe Institute to organise Jibambe na Tec a series of VR and Gaming exhibition, online and IRL workshops, conferences and performances.

I curated the exhibition of VR and games at the French Alliance, I also conducted a machinima workshop mixing video game worlds and traditional storytelling from Kenya narrated by Alumbe Namai and I finally gave a VJ Performance with EA Waves DJs to end this great festival.

We worked together on their aesthetic and on their sounds to find a common aesthetic through animated graphism.

Jibambe na Tec means To have fun with Technologies and aimed at mixing real and virtual African spaces dealing with issues like consumerism, e-trash, Boko Haram, datamining, surveillance. The purpose is to try to imagine other futures and to reappropriate a narrative