Overkill Friends Robin Baumgarten Alistair Zuraida Buter,

Photo by Zuraida Buter

This weekend, I was invited by the Festival Overkill in Enschende, to curate a machinima program on immortality and I joinded the team for two days in Enschende, a city at 2h from Amsterdam. I super enjoyed my time there, very well welcomed by Marie Janin, the Art Director of Overkill. I was very happy to see Zuraida Buter, founder and curator of the Playful Arts Festival but also to meet new people as Peggy Schoenegge from peer to space, curator of the VR section “This could be you” of the festival of beautiful projects related to the idea of disembodiment with two projects that particularly kept my attention: Claire Hentschker ‘s VR installation represents an abandonned mall and deprives us of our body. Zeesy Powers puts us in a 90 years old woman body in a trash environment, very funny. I also enjoyed an other VR installation by Matias Brunacci untitled Virtualshamanism. It was well referenced and the way we could interact with virtual objects quite delicate.
In terms of games, I enjoyed a lot the two games presented by Robin Baumgarten, it’s line wobbler

as well as his wobble garden

, beautiful light games… In a very different style, I loved Liquorice, an explaration game above black montains with lava and some geometrical shapes producing sounds as a sound interactive landscape.

I alsi had the great pleasure to meet Sabine Harrer, an academic who just published Games and bereavement and together we played Normal human face simulator, enjoying so much to bite our faces!!
Normal human face simulator


The music selection was very diverse from Chiptunes aerobic to mudular music to djsets, it was amazing.
Actually, I felt totally home in this festival as it mixes really well all disciplines and art and videogames as well as cinema dn music, so exactly what I love and also what we try to do with Chloé Desmoineaux in http://www.isabellearvers.com/category/art-games-demos/, Overkill w-could be like a 48h non stop AGD, thrilled to participate more. I also really enjoyed the scenography and the attention the team puts in every games and installation set up. Last but not least it was also the occasion to meet Alistair Aitcheson who gave his show: The incredible playable show
and also Eli Creepy Cauley who created a game about drinking juice
Thank you for all these great meetings and fun moments we share and congratulations to all the team!