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Travel, Nicola Mai

Coding and decoding borders a new antiatlas exhibition

Commissaires : Isabelle Arvers et Nathalie Lévy The exhibition «Coding/Decoding the Borders» aims to represent the complex reality of border changes at the dawn of the 21st century….

Free Fall, Palle Torrson

Machinima selection at UCLA Game Art Festival

[↗] November 18th, The Hammer Museum. Curators: Eddo Stern, Isabelle Arvers, and Lee Tusman

La fin des Cartes ?

[↗] Espace des Arts sans Frontières, Paris, novembre 2015

Games Reflexions, Sorgues

[↗] Médiathèque de Sorgues, mai 2015

Machiniglitch, curator Isabelle Arvers

Machiniglitch, Toronto

[↗] Vector Art + Game Festival, Toronto, 2014. Machinima program curated by Isabelle Arvers

Webplayers, a webart exhibit for the PODFEST festival of digital poetry in Rio

This selection of websites is the state of the art of online creation and could be seen as an online answer to Abravana, the art movement initiated by…

Machinigirrlzzzz, a machinima exhibit inside the 10th edition of Gamerz

This year for its ten edition, Gamerz is absolutely cracking the maze! Super cool program and great artists, I love it. And I am so happy to be…

Evolution of gaming, a retrogaming exhibit curated by Isabelle Arvers in Vancouver, 2014

EVOLUTION of gaming a retrogaming exhibition at CDM in Vancouver

Photos by Dan Flemming I was invited by the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver with the help of the French Cultural Institute to co-curate a retrogaming exhibition…

The Art of Bordering, MAXXI, Rome, 24 – 26 October 2014

MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts The Art of Bordering: Economies, Performances and Technologies of Migration Control Download full program The Art of Bordering Photos: Myriam…

“Maps of the SECESSION” : politics and poetics of forms for the 21st century

A month-long exhibition at the Institut Français in Berlin in partnership with the antiAtlas of borders Copyright Photos: Mittel Europa Since January 2014, the European Society of Authors…

Games Reflexions, curator Isabelle Arvers

Games Reflexions game art retro & indie games exhibition

An exhibition curated by Isabelle Arvers with the help of Pierre Corbinais with the blog Oujevipo for the indie games part and of Benjamin Fouquoire in retrogaming. Are…

Exhibition antiAtlas of borders Part II, @ la compagnie, Marseille 13 dec. 1st march 2014

An innovative approach to the transformations of the reality and experience of borders in the 21st century. The antiAtlas of Borders presents collaborative works between hard sciences researchers,…

The antiAtlas of Borders, Tapestry Museum, Aix-en-Provence, 1st Oct 3d Nov 2013

Bypassing cartography, the antiAtlas of 21st century borders ( program presents a new approach to the transformation and experience of land, sea, air and virtual borders. It is…

GAMES REFLEXIONS , Le Carreau, Cergy, 18 octobre, Novembre 2013

Une exposition conçue par Isabelle Arvers aidée de Pierre Corbinais de l’excellent blog Oujevipo pour la partie jeux indépendants et de Benjamin Fouquoire pour le retrogaming. GAMES REFLEXIONS…

Machiniglitch, ARCADE, Festival Gamerz 9, October 2013

English version Le mot glitch est apparu en 1962 pour décrire une erreur ou un dysfonctionnement dans le cadre d’un programme spatial aux Etats-Unis. Le terme s’est ensuite…

Exposition Jeux rêve, Semaine Digitale, Bordeaux, mars 2013

“Games dream” refers to the essence of the video game, which moves our imagination to make us dream. Here are the dreams of nature, islands, sea and endless…

Political games at “Play again” – Exhibition in Tourcoing, 6 march to 13 july

Press review : Poptronics Popotronics (itw video) Imaginarium of Tourcoing – 6 march to 13 july 2013 I was invited by Annick Rivoire (editorial manager) and Pierre Giner…