Machinima films produced in the Machinima workshop conducted by Isabelle Arvers and Alumbe Namai, Kenyan storyteller

In the frame of Jibambe na Tec at the French Alliance in Nairobi I conducted a Machinima workshop conducted with students from the Dept. of Design & Creative Media of the Technical University of Kenya and the African Digital Media Institute.

Machinima is the art of filmmaking using video games. It approaches video games in a critical and artistic way, in the form of installation, performance, digital painting in movement, games, interactivity or video.

The films we created are based on African folktales. A storytelling session with the seasoned and infectious Kenyan storyteller, Alumbe Namai, has provided the participants with the inspiration to create a series of unique films using real-time 3-D engines.

Metaphysics for kids, by Kerosh


Nyasaye and Omuntu by Magdalene Nduku

Njoki and The Ogre by Dennis Mbuthia

Fruits Trees by Fred Ochieng, Vickram Kimwere, Eliud Njuguna

Fish soup by Purity Ngagi, Elvin Adika, Francis Amenya

Fumo Liyongo by Vickam