In August 18, I was invited for a 1 month residency in Platohedro, in Medellin. During three weeks, I gave machinima workshops to local communities as well as an Identity and diversity workshop to Mesa Diversa, the LGBTI NGO of Comuna quatro de Medellin.

Here is a report of my residency directed by Platohedro:

La Jaquer EsCool – Isabelle Arvers from Platohedro on Vimeo.

I also gave three conferences at the University of Anthioquia, EAFIT and at the MIT Art School about the relationship between art and videogames.

During three weeks, I met all the artists I could working with video, digital, technology hack, open source softwares and indie and experimental games in order to organize at the end of my residency the event Art Games Demos, for a special colombian edition.

With artworks by Tatyana Zambrano, Nadia Granados, Andrew Roberts, Miguel Vargas, Mariana Etcheverri, Chloé Desmoineaux; Performances by David Crowley, Noi Silva, and and games by Alejandro Cuevas, Esteban Betancur, @Levelindiestudio and EAFIT Virtual Lab.