This is a machinima recording of some contemplative videogames I did for my participation to the amazing festival Stunfest in Rennes screened during a debate related to contemplation in videogames. The game references come from an article written by Pierre Corbinais in Oujevipo which also refers to the article by Chris Priestman in Killscreendaily and to a game designed by Paul Clarissou with the same name: Voidscape-0.

I also took some references in an other article written by Oscar Barda on the Justwalkingism movement in video games for Gamasutra, which deals with exploration and walking as a main action in videogames. In my voidscape machinima, you can see my explorations of the following videogames:Voidscape-0 Paul Clarissou, Souvenir, Timeframe, Wibler, Thirtytwentyone, Cosmic Forest Titouan Millet, Memory of a broken dimension, Ceruleanorb Todd Luke, Abstract ritual.