Bypassing cartography, the antiAtlas of 21st century borders ( program presents a new approach to the transformation and experience of land, sea, air and virtual borders. It is co-produced by IMéRA – the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Research of Aix-Marseille University the Higher School of Art of Aix-en-Provence, PACTE (Grenoble University), Isabelle Arvers and La compagnie (Marseille). The programme will run from 30 September 2013 to 1 March 2014 and will be composed of five initiatives: an inaugural international symposium, two exhibitions, a website and the publication of a book. A show curated by Isabelle Arvers

  • antiAtlas of Borders Installation view Musée des Tapisseries
    antiAtlas of Borders Installation view Musée des Tapisseries

1 – International Conference

30 September – 2 October 2013 at the New Conservatory of Aix en Provence. The main aim of this conference is to present the results of the interdisciplinary work that took place in the last two years at IMéRA et at the Higher School of Art of Aix-en-Provence. In order to reach a large audience this conference will see the participation of researchers, representatives of public institutions (EU customs), private companies (Thales), international organizations (World Customs Organization (WCO) and non-governmental organizations (Cimade, Migreurop).

2 – Art/Science Exhibitions

The AntiAtlas of borders will present two interlinked exhibitions. The first will take place in Aix-en-Provence at the Musée des Tapisseries from 1 October to 3 November 2013. The second will take place in Marseille at La Compagnie creative arts centre from 13 December 2013 to 1 March 2014. The two exhibitions will present works developed in collaboration with social scientists, researchers in the hard sciences and artists. They will offer several levels of reading and forms of participation. Visitors will discover new works, engage with transmedia documentation and participate in experiments. They will interact directly with robots, drones, video games, walls and systems. The aim is to encourage everyone to reflect on how we are directly and personally affected by the transformations of borders in the 21st century.

Artists exhibited at The Tapestry Museum – 1st October – 3d November 2013

Ian Howard, Walls, 2004-2011
Amy Franceschini, Finger Print Maze, 2003
Ken Rinaldo, Paparazzi Bots, 2009
Hackitectura, Cartographie critique de Gibraltar, 2004
Claude Chuzel, X-ray, 2006
Stéphane Rosière, Planisphère des frontières fermées, 2012
Philippe Rekacewicz, Cartographie, 2012
RYBN, Robot ADM9, 2011
Gold Extra, Frontiers the game, 2012
Till Roeskens, Videomappings : Aida, Palestine, 2009
Dana Diminescu, E-diasporas, 2012
Nicola Mai, Samira (Emborders 1), 2013
Sigalit Landau, Barbed Hula, 2000
Heath Bunting, BorderXing, 2002
Joana Moll & Heliodoro Santos, The Texas Border, 2010
The Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 / b.a.n.g. lab. Micha Cardenas, Brett Stalbaum, Ricardo Dominguez, Amy Sara Carroll, Elle Mehrmand, The Transborder Immigrant Tool, 2009
Francis Alys, Sometimes doing something poetic can become political and sometimes doing something political can become poetic, 2004-2005
Fabien Fischer, Lauriane Houbey, Sarah Mekdjian et Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary, Marie Moreau, CROSSING MAPS, CARTOGRAPHIES TRAVERSES, 2013
Simona Koch, Border

AntiAtlas of borders, abstract of an exhibition

Film by Véronique Godé
“This film AntiAtlas of borders, abstract of an exhibition : is part of a “work in progress exhibition” dealing with culture heritage of years of migration, when people in distress are now facing more and more high tech security systems, to leave their own countries and cross borders all over the world at a time when money freely fluctuates at the speed of light. The first round of the exhibition started in Aix-en-Provence at the museum of Tapestry with a seminar of scientists, artists, and people working on the field.
The film, which was edited with means and time schedule of electronic revue, as a 13′ audiovisual guide by curator Isabelle Avers, aims to give you a resume of the first exhibition held at the museum in Aix en Provence, and the incentive to visit the second part, starting in Marseille at “La compagnie, lieu de création” on december 13 th.”

3 – Site internet

The final version of the website ( will be online from September 2013 and will function as an online extension of the exhibitions. Accessible to visitors during the event through monitors in the showrooms, it will allow them to navigate through different types of scientific and artistic resources and the online guide, watch interviews with researchers, explore maps and other kinds of documents. Most importantly, the website will also provide access to works of and artistic interventions in the form of an online gallery of works. This website and its documentation will perpetuate the progress achieved during the project. It will act as an archive and documentation site for the general public, artists, researchers and institutions.

Project co-ordinator: Cédric Parizot
Contacts : Myriam Boyer : – 06 79 87 76 80

The Press Kit is available on this webpage: Or directly at: To download imaged of exposed works: