EIGD Awards 2012 Call for Games


Closing date for submitting your games : 15 May 2012

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The first European Indie Game Days, will take place in Marseille on 2 and 3 July 2012, with everything to do with independent games, two days of conferences, debates and demos … It is during this event that the EIGD Awards will be attributed, a series of prizes awarded for creativity and innovation.

« Today we have all become independent », declared Thierry Platon, PRIMI’s Vice-President and coorganizer of the EIGD, and also the co-founder of BiP media. « The dematerialization of the Web now enables creative studios to distribute their work differently. No longer victims to the pressures applied by the marketing departments of the major editors, some are in the process of reinventing their professions!


And, at the same time, new and young studios, often set up and established when these young people were still in a university or school specialized in this field, have chosen a similar path… Because only with an original design, a new mechanism or an unusual storyboard, can the small European studios have only the means to confront the Californian and Japanese giants! »

European Indie Games Days

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Pôle Transmédia PRIMI groups together several independent studios under the name of « Gamesud ». For it was during their tours of the professional fairs (E3, GDC, etc.) that they realized that not much existed for the independent studios, particularly in Europe!

The EIGD is thus a series of conferences about independent games : distribution, business models, marketing, legal matters, technical fields, game design, innovation, crossmedia… And even a round table to meet those who are trying to change the world of video games !

But it is also a meeting, a meeting between the studios, students, independent workers and, on a wider scale, with the professionals working in the media. Widely acclaimed by the studios and the press, supported by the SNJV, the Syndicat national du Jeu Vidéo, (the national union for video games) and various other professional associations, the EIGD have now become the ideal occasion to create the first European awards for independent games and to hold a prize-giving ceremony.

How to enter the competition :

1. Connect up to www.eigd.org

2. Complete the entry application on line.

3. Send in either by post or email, or upload onto the appropriate page on the site the following documents: a copy of valid official identity papers (National Identity Card or Passport), and if need be, a valid registration certificate (Kbis for French companies) not more than six months old for legal entities.

4. Deposit the document(s) or file(s) presenting the game in the appropriate space.

All applications received after the closing date will be considered nul and void.

The participants must complete the application documents with the correct information and supply true and real names, no imaginary names or pseudonyms will be accepted. A participant can enter more than one game into the competition. The games presented must be finalized. The competition is only open to games that have not yet been distributed or have been distributed for less than one year. The games presented may have been developed using any platform: PC, Mac, PS3, Vita, Xbox, Wii, DS, iOS, Androïd, etc.

The competition will take place in two consecutive stages :

1st stage :

The first stage will consist of studying the application documents to select the successful candidates.

For this purpose, the candidate will submit a file containing a full description of the project, a few images and a video no greater that 2min.

2nd stage :

The second stage consists of making a selection of the games in their running version.

Once selected, the participant will comply by supplying PRIMI with a complete running version of the game by depositing it on the ftp server which will be set up specifically for this purpose.

The games thus made available will only be played by the members of the jury.

5 prizes will be awarded :

Originality Award – For the most original European game regarding gameplay, its theme or its narration.

Innovation Award – For the most innovative game with regards to its technology or its use of technology

Artistic Direction Award – For the game whose graphic content is the most coherent, and also the most original !

Students Award – This category is reserved exclusively for students in professional schools.

Grand Prize of the best independent game – Awarded to a winner from among those of the previous categories.

A first selection committee, set up within PRIMI and suported by our press partners, will meet on 15 May 2012 and will select three games for the first four categories.

In early June 2012, the 12 games pre-selected will be presented on the site awards.eigd.org, developed by Thomas Demachy, PRIMI’s Treasurer and CEO of Indeego Games, partner to the EIGD. A jury composed of members of the SNJV (Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo) will be invited, during the month of June, to vote for the best independent games in 2012 on the internet site.

The closing date for entry to the competition is 15 May 2012.

The application documents can be downloaded on www.eigd.org

For further information please contact : contact@eigd.org

The EIGD, a unique event in France organized by PRIMI,
in partnership with GAMESUD* and the SNJV – National Video Game Syndicate
For further information: www.eigd.org / www.primi.pro