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Digital Power Siggraph

The AGWT Podcasts in Digital Power, the online SIGGRAPH exhibition

I am super happy and honoured to be part of the exhibition Digital Power: Activism, advocacy and the influence of women online, curated by Kathy Rae Huffman, and…

Portrait d'artiste Isabelle Arvers Turbulences Video n°104

Artist Portrait

“In a cellar, cut into the volcanic rock, not far from Notre-Dame du Port, the sublime Romanesque church of Clermont-Ferrand, after descending endless steps, one discovers in the…

nathalie magnan

TRANS//BORDER, Nathalie Magnan teachings MUCEM

Press review Dans le sillage de Nathalie Magnan Nathalie Magnan for ever Artists on the water, a history of pirate ships This event produced by Kareron directed by…