Art & Games World Tour Sessions by Isabelle Arvers at Amaze Festival

I am super happy to announce that I will present 3 Art + Games World Tour sessions A MAZE. Total Digital 2020:

Art & Games World Tour Asia on July 23d at 1pm Berlin time with SOMI (KR), redMuins (KR), Hyun Cho (KR), Gayatri Kodikal (IN), Toge Production (IND); Humblegrove (JP)
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Art & Games World Tour Africa on July 24th at 1.30pm Berlin time with Barakat Akinsiku (NG), Hugo Obi (NG), Afrane Makof (GH), Setriakor Nyomi (GH), Eyram Tawia (GH), Julien Herbin (SN), Limpho Dee Moeti (ZA)
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Art & Games World Tour South & Latin America on the 25th at 4pm with Nahuel Moco, (AR), Agustin Pontura (AR), Julian Palacios (IT/AR), Mateo Amaral (AR), Daniela Fernandez (AR), Gabi Bella (AR), Taina Felix (BR), Raquel Motta (BR), Galamot (MX)
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I am so happy to present and share the work of the amazing persons and games I met during my world tour with you!! Please register online to the sessions!!!
Thank you Zuraida Buter for this invitation ❤ and thank you Thorsten Storno for putting me in touch with Sithé Annette Ncube who helped me so much to get in touch with great game developers here in Africa ❤ ❤ ❤